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Ryan & lacie thompson

Born in the 70's and raised on beer. Ryan was brought up in Gresham Oregon on a diet of Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar & Tater-Tot casserole. Lacie grew up all over the USA before landing her formative years in San Diego where she enjoyed a variety of fine malt liquor & the occasional Brass Monkey.  Thank the universe our taste in beer has evolved into what the Growler Garage represents today. Whew! 

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Matt Klemann

After brief success as one of the founding members of the hit Country-Boy Band "Backwoodz Boyz" with hits you may know, "Can I Dance With Your Horse" and "Diamonds & Chaps" Matt settled down in beautiful Oregon City, Oregon.  He took to an inward approach to life becoming the worlds first professional children's book reader with 69 books read daily. He serves up the beers & rhymes fast and cold on Sundays at the Growler Garage so stop in and say "Howdy Bro" and you might just get an autograph. 

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Tom Lamb

Tom came to Gresham over a long and dusty trail that some today may even call a road. It was long, as I said, and winding and some straight spots, and some ups and even some downs. You see, Tom is originally from the other side of this great state of Oregon, in a town called Vale. Please thank him for making this pilgrimage to East Gresham to pour you and your friends some of the finest brews available to mankind.